Panther Pipeline, LLC

Panther Pipeline, LLC

Panther Pipeline, LLC (PPL) currently owns and operates more than 100 miles of both onshore and offshore pipelines solely within Texas. Located primarily in Matagorda and Wharton counties, Panther provides merchant, gathering and transportation services throughout the region. Panther facilities are interconnected with numerous pipelines in the region allowing for delivery of gas and condensate to transmission lines, compressor stations, processing plants and end-users. Pipelines available include Enterprise, Kinder-Morgan, Hilcorp, and Harvest Pipeline.

Panther Key Assets include:

  • Matagorda 20” pipeline (MAP) – 18 miles of 20” pipeline extending from the Intracoastal Waterway to a Fieldwood Energy compressor station on the outskirts of Bay City, Texas. This pipeline operates at less than 100 PSIG and Panther can currently make deliveries downstream of the compressor station to Enterprise, Harvest Pipeline (Hilcorp Plant), and end-users in the Bay City area. If desired, Panther can readily re-establish deliveries to Kinder-Morgan as well.
  • Sweeny to Bay City 12” pipeline (MAP) – 15 miles of 12” pipeline running from Bay City to a former interconnect with two different Kinder-Morgan pipelines near Sweeny, Texas. This line is adjacent to the Conoco-Phillips refinery and the various NGL projects developing at Sweeny. This line is interconnected with the Matagorda 20” pipeline through an 8” interconnect.
  • Caney Creek/Spanish Camp gathering system (MAP) – This gathering systems picks up gas over a large area west of Wharton and delivers the gas into a Kinder-Morgan 24” pipeline for delivery to the Hilcorp Old Ocean processing plant.
  • Third-Party Pipeline Operations – Panther also operates non-owned, third-party utility pipelines such as:
    • Panda Temple Power 30” supply pipeline (MAP) – Panther is the Operator for Panda’s 14 mile, 30” pipeline which serves Panda’s Temple, Texas power plant.

Contact Information:

Jeff Shipper