• April 2016 – Panther Offshore Gathering Systems, LLC (POGS), through its interest in American Panther, LLC (AMPAN), acquires multiple Louisiana and Texas area off and onshore oil and gas pipeline from Chevron
  • April 2016 – Panther becomes operator of the oil pipelines acquired by American Panther, LLC (AMPAN)
  • July 2014 – Panther becomes the operator of MPOG
  • December 2013 – Panther enters into management services agreement with Stingray Pipeline
  • December 2013 – Panther acquires 1/3rd interest in Main Pass Oil Gathering System (MPOG) from BP
  • May 2013 – Panther contracts with Tenaris to deliver gas supply to new Bay City facility
  • December 2012 – Panther acquires South Pelto Crude Oil Gathering System from Chevron Pipeline
  • June 2011 – Panther selected an operator of High Island Crude Oil Pipeline System (HIPS)

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